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Service is one of the key assets of the Hospitality Industry. Architecture is another elemental asset. To the guests, being away from home, it is the hotel building, the pool and the room that literally surround them during their vacations. A recurring theme can be deciphered in the following hospitable places we selected. The design of all these accommodations is characterized by a safe and sheltered space, combined with immersive views on untouched nature.

Taking the time to relax in a private hut, being surrounded by trees, or looking at the Northern light while lying in your own private igloo; all thus define the latest trend in hospitality design.




Sleeping in an actual transparent bubble under the stars and observe the milky way is possible in the French countryside in Attrap’ Rêves Bubble Hotels. A basic bubble includes roll-out beds, sofas, moveable wardrobes, a coffee table and a telescope. The inflatable tents are created from UV-reflecting materials that are recyclable. At the end of the season, the bubble is deflated without any impact on the surrounding nature.
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Spotted by: Michelle Nigbur-Maastricht Coolhunt Course

Igloo village Kakslauttanen
Hotel Igloo Village Kakslauttanen offers 31 glass igloos in Finnish Lapland. While lying in your bed inside a glass igloo you can see the Northern Lights. These igloos are available through the Northern Lights season, which starts from the end of August till the end of April.
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Spotted by: Désiree Kranendonk-Maastricht Coolhunt Course

Historical bunkers turned into hotelrooms in Albania
Bunkers built in the years between 1945 and 1985 cover the landscapes of Albania. The bunkers have fantastic surroundings and are perfect for guests who like a peaceful and quiet stay and who want to experience history in a very unexpected way.
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Spotted by: Marlene Kaiser-Maastricht Coolhunt Course

Immersive room by Broomx
This hotelroom is not situated in nature, but can provide unique immersive views thanks to audiovisual projections.  This multimedia smart hotel room with audiovisual projections places the user at the center of the equation, to experience technnology in an emotional way. The space thus becomes an extension of the user and their digital world (“You Are The Room!” concept).
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Spotted by: Jimenez Andrea-Barcelona Coolhunt Course

Threehotel in Sweden
Treehotel in Sweden built beautiful threehouses in the North of Sweden. The rooms have unconventional designs and are called The Cabin, The Mirrorcube, The Bird’s Nest and The UFO, amongst others, and that is exactly how they look. Not only are the rooms exceptionally beautiful, the rooms are somewhat hidden and integrated in the landscape. Combining contemporary design with the surrounding of unspoiled nature, is another example of a private shelter with an excellent view.
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Spotted by: Florine Bolier-Maastricht Coolhunt Course

Hobbithouses and build- your -own houses with leftover woods and windows
We could not help thinking of the many ‘Hobbithouses’ that fill up the Newsfeed on Facebook. Hobbithouses are built inside a hill from (left-over) woods. All built by the hands of adventure seeking handy-men and women. The house built with leftover wood and windows is another example of a unique shelter with a view to remember.
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